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Frequently Asked Questions

What if my credit is marginal?

If you have good rental history and meet the employment qualifications, but your credit is ‘marginal’, applicants are offered the unit with the following deposit:

Security Deposit = Rent x 1.5

What? Is it nice or something?

Well, yes. D & R Properties takes pride in the houses and duplexes we handle and by charging the current market price for rent, we are better able to provide faster response to your maintenance and repair needs.

Who does pest control?

Tenants in individual houses are responsible for their own routine pest control. D & R Properties provides (interior) pest control on a trimester basis for duplexes. Tenants are not required to provide termite treatments.

Who does yard care?

Tenants in individual houses are expected to keep up their yard. They may contract with a lawn service if they wish. D & R Properties usually provides yard care for the duplexes.
Yard care includes, and is not limited to, mowing, weed-eating, edging, raking leaves, removal of limbs, maintenance of shrubbery, cleaning out gutters, planting grass, fertilizing, removing of leaves from roof , removal of vines and sprouting baby trees, and watering of plants and grass.

All tenants are required to water if weather conditions become dry.

Who performs maintenance tasks?

D & R Properties employs independent contractors to maintain the properties and make repairs. However, We do not offer 24 hr Emergency Maintenance. 

Can the Tenant repaint, replace the carpet, put up or change the wallpaper, etc.?

No. We have each of our units just the way we want them. The paint and carpet in most units are neutral colors. Tenants may decorate by adding curtains and throw rugs and by hanging pictures on the wall.

Do you allow pets?
We Are Cat Friendly! Cats are allowed, but it does depend upon the specifics of the individual house. Cats must be current on shots, prevented from having unwanted litters of offspring, and not allowed to harm the unit. Flea control products must be used. All male cats must be neutered, and cats must be consistent in using a litter box.

Pet fees and deposits are calculated as follows:
Single Cat: Non-refundable pet fee of $75 and an additional (refundable) $125 deposit.

Two cats: Non-refundable pet fee of $150 and an additional (refundable) $300 deposit.

Fish tanks: Refundable deposit of $350.

All cat deposits and fees may be paid out over the life of the lease.

Do you allow dogs?
We Are NOT Dog Friendly! Beginning July 1, 2008, D & R Properties will no longer allow dogs In many units. Although we have allowed Tenants to have a dog in the past, provided they followed our rules regarding their upkeep and that they paid a $150 pet fee and $350 pet deposit, we have found that many Tenants failed to follow our rules and have allowed their dogs to ruin our carpet and floors. Carpet is one of the most expensive items in a house, and with the recent trials in the economy, carpet and labor costs are increasing. $350 is not enough money to cover these costs. However, what is even more expensive than carpet is real hardwood floors which were recently ruined by a Tenant’s dog that was allowed to urinate repeatedly on the floors.

Do You Allow Pit Bulls?

Can I Get A Puppy?

Can I Keep My Friend's Dog At The Unit While He Is Out Of Town?
No. We Do Not Allow "Pet Sitting".
Will you allow outside dogs (Without A Pet Deposit)?
No. We no longer trust Tenants to keep their dogs outside. If a dog is found on the premises without permission and pet deposit, the Tenant will be in violation of their lease and can be evicted.
What if the Tenant puts down a substantial deposit on a Mature, well - behaved dog?
Hmm. We might be willing to negotiate this, but we would not take less than $1000.00 for a dog deposit, likely more, and the amount would have to be paid up front.
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