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I. Application
Payment of application fee
ACCURACY and completeness of application
Cooperativeness and general good attitude of applicant
*Applicants under age 21 must have a parent/guardian as guarantor
**Guarantors must have perfect credit
II. Occupancy
No more than 2 people per bedroom allowed.
III. Income/Employment Verification
Verifiable employment/income
Monthly income at least 3 times the rent (or portion of rent)
At least 30 days at present employment
Permanence of the employment
IV. Rental History
No evictions
No more than one (1) Insufficient Funds Check submitted
History of paying ON TIME, without demand
History of keeping up the unit
No complaints about applicant or applicant’s family or guests
A “Yes” answer to the question: ‘Would you rent to them again?’
V. Credit Check
State ID or Driver License
Applicant’s Issued Social Security Number
No recent bankruptcy
All or almost all accounts that have gone to collection have been paid off
Low Debt to Income ratio
VI. Criminal History
No violent crimes against people or property
No crimes of a sexual nature 
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NOTE: We Evict For Illegal Drug Use

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